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House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips Fremantle WA
12 Dec

House Cleaning Tips

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House Cleaning Tips Fremantle WA


The average cost of house cleaning in the Perth is $130 for a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom home, according to a study by Red Beacon. They reviewed more than 2,000 cleaning quotes to arrive at that number. Keep in mind, however, that this is only an average. Prices vary according to the location and the size of the home.

5 Ways How to  Clean Your House

1. Get stains out of your microfibre couch with rubbing alcohol.

2. Spend some quality time cleaning out your kitchen sink with baking soda, vinegar, rock salt, ice cubes, and lemons.

3 Fight oily dust with…more oil.

4. Use a cream cleanser like ROG1 followed by ROG3to get the gross stuff out of your tub and shower.

5. To get that weird mold that grows under the rim of your toilet, use vinegar and duct tape.

Is House Cleaning jobs exercise?

Cleaning house is physical activity, work that burns calories, but most people wouldn’t call it exercise. “Activity” is classified as either exercise, performed to enhance physical fitness, or work that done to keep ourselves alive. And like exercise, some cleaning jobs are more intense than others and so burn more calories. For instance cleaning that involves moving furniture burns more calories than dusting.

Start Organizing House Cleaning Check-list 

Step 1: Analysis of Areas

2: Analysis of Reasons

Step 3: Solutions

Step 4:Implementation.

Whole-House Cleaning Schedule

Step 1: Get Ready

Step 2: Choose Your Rooms

Step 3: Identify Tasks

Step 4: Build on This List

Step 5. Select Frequency

Step 6: Re evaluate Your Schedule

NOTE: Extra caution is necessary when using a duster. Take care to ensure that  no harm comes to items hanging on the walls. One can never tell simply by looking, how sturdily those items are fixed. Do not risk knocking someone’s hand-carved Moroccan ceremonial mask off the wall. Damp wipe the cupboards and clean the sinks, counter tops, stove top, burners and hood.

Wipe down exteriors of all major appliances. Clean the microwave oven inside and out. Clean the floor, wipe the floorboards. Empty the trash and recycling bins. To clean the cupboards, we use microfibre cleaning cloths. These cloths are a handy time saver and paper towel-saver too. They are perfect for jobs requiring a damp wipe. They rinse out quickly. With one twisting squeeze, most of the water can be removed.

I used to use diluted Murphy’s Oil Soap on wooden cupboard doors. Then I
discovered that Murphy’s will build up and it can get gummy if used full strength.
Now I rely on Aromatherapy Natural cleaning solution for wood cupboards and

If you like simple and natural cleaning solutions, as we do, use a damp cloth with a few drops of lemon essential oil and a dab of vinegar on wooden cabinets. This homemade solution cleans well, smells heavenly and can actually lift your spirits too. Lemon oil is recommended for cleaning most wood surfaces and will leave a nice shine. Just go easy.

Which brings me to our general rule on all products: go easy! First see what you can do with a damp cloth. Then if necessary, use Aromatherapy Naturals, essential oils or whatever product you prefer.

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