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Perth carpeting cleaning remove 98% of spots

Perth carpeting cleaning remove 98% of spots

Perth carpeting cleaning
6 Jun

Perth carpeting cleaning remove 98% of spots

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Mr Steam Perth Carpeting Cleaning

We are proud to see our business growing so fast. Our clients have come to count on us carpet cleaning tile and grout cleaning and many other services in Perth Western Australia

How to remove 98% of all spots from carpets with little to no experience

Making money is a funny thing in a sense. Some people go to college, study their tail off for YEARS and come out (with TONS of debt) and make $30.00 to $45.00 per hour.

All in all not that bad, but what if you could buy a kit that sold for less than $200.00 and remove stains from carpeting and earn $50.00 (or more) per hour!

I like option B better! No debt, faster, easier AND MORE MONEY. The other people may have “prestige”, but you can’t buy a pack a gum with that. I’ll take the money!

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Carpet cleaning, Carpet Cleaner from Tesco
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When you own a cleaning business you will be asked if it’s possible to remove all types of unknown spots from carpeting.

Many beginners respond by saying ” we don’t do that”, or something similar, all but giving up before ever getting started.

This is sad because the vast majority of fresh spots (approximately 98%) can be removed with a professional spotting kit you can purchase for less than $200.00. What’s even sadder is that the people who say “no, I can’t do that” are missing out on an opportunity to make some serious money solving a common problem many homeowners and businesses face.

Instead of just flatly saying we don’t do that, or referring the money-making opportunity to another company (or worse yet, YOUR COMPETITION) consider purchasing a professional stain kit and learning how to do it yourself. Many kits have instructions (called a Spotting Guide) that shows you how to tackle almost every type spot you run across.

In my career, my trusty spotting kit has made me tons of cash over the years helping homeowners and businesses get rid of that one spot that is just driving them crazy. You’ll be easily able to charge $50.00 per hour or more by simply learning how to use the spotting guide that comes with most kits.

The majority of stains you run across will be removed by just one solution, or a combination or two different ones. Some unknown spots may require you to use several, one after the other until the spot responds to treatment. All in all it’s a real easy skill to learn and should be on your resume at some point, as there is a lot of money to be made.

If you are interested in the exact same capeting cleaning kit I use, then head on over to Jon-Don (my favorite supplier) and check out the Matrix Spotting Kit. It’s a money-making kit as far as I’m concerned, plus it will make you pretty popular as well because just about EVERYONE has some spots on their carpet they would like removed!

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