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Simple Office Cleaning Timetable

Simple Office Cleaning Timetable

office cleaning timetable
7 Jul

Simple Office Cleaning Timetable

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Office Cleaning Timetable – Office Kitchen Cleaning Schedule – A Simple Guide

The daily office grind. We’ve all been there and it’s the break times and lunch hours that can punctuate the hard working day with some respite. Unfortunately, there are many office kitchens and canteens that are just not up to scratch cleanliness wise. Industrial cleaning supplies shouldn’t just be the preserve of 5-star restaurants – everyone deserves to be able to prepare and eat food in a clean and hygienic environment – even in an office.

Follow the suggested routine tasks to help ensure your office kitchen area remains a clean and hygienic environment
As people bring in dirt from outside the building, the office areas and the bathrooms it is vitally important that worktop surfaces, tables, microwaves, toasters, kettles, and most of all the fridges, are kept as clean as possible. Without a clean environment, your workers are at risk of bacteria that could cause such illnesses as gastroenteritis and the like.

Whether you and your colleagues clean the office kitchen yourself or you employ a cleaning company. We’ve put together a suggested guide on how you can keep different areas of your office kitchen clean on a regular basis.

Suggested Cleaning Schedule:

Office Kitchen Area Daily cleaning tasks

  • Empty waste bins and remove refuse to designated areas
    Brush/vacuum loose matting
    Vacuum used traffic areas
    Sweep/damp mop resilient floor surfaces
    Clean sinks, drainers etc
    Replenish paper hand towels or centre feed rolls
    Damp wash and dry burnish table surfaces
    Check interiors of fridges and microwaves for spillages

Weekly cleaning tasks

  • Dust all horizontal surfaces to hand height
    Spot clean doors and partitions including glazing
    Clean kitchen furniture
    Damp wipe/burnish laminate or other furniture
    Fully vacuum carpeted areas
    Damp wipe interior and exterior surfaces to microwaves and fridges

Monthly cleaning tasks

  • Dust surfaces to medium height using 1m extended flick mop
  • Damp wipe/polish finger plates, kick plates and door furniture
  • Damp wipe radiators and pipework
  • Burnish vinyl floor surfaces
  • Clean interior of fridges

Quarterly cleaning tasks

  • Damp wipe interior and exterior surface of waste bins
    Damp wipe marks from doors and partitions
    Defrost fridges
    Dust/damp wipe chairs
    Clean all windows – internal and external

Six Monthly cleaning tasks

  • Scrub floor surfaces
    Apply seal to vinyl floor surfaces
    Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals:
    Jangro Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser

Don’t forget an another important element is the daily task of managing the kitchen office waste. It is suggested that general waste is black bagged. Waste bin liners should be replaced as required.

Finally, for the recycling of paper, cans, cups etc. follow your company guidelines on recycling waste.

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